Partnering to Empower Patient Engagement

Allen Technologies’ E3 Patient Engagement Platform seamlessly integrates with existing hospital technology platforms to drive better health outcomes, improve clinical efficiency and help patients take an active role in their care.

In addition, we partner with best-in-class industry leaders to help our clients deliver an exceptional patient experience. Our focus is on helping you maximize your technology ROI, without detracting from the patients’ care or the overall patient experience.


During our 40 years of delivering interactive patient engagement innovations, we’ve built a network of proven and tested integrations that extend your invest in technology and deliver a comprehensive patient engagement platform.

Allen’s integrations and partnerships enable hospitals to seamlessly connect disparate systems to easily bring information to patients, family members, caregivers and hospital staff.

We Offer Integrations In

  • Dietary and Housekeeping
  • Communications
  • EMR Systems
  • Pre-Admission and Post-Discharge
  • HVAC
  • Medical Information


Allen Technologies partners with industry leaders to help our clients deliver an exceptional patient experience. With access to thousands of content options in our library, our teams work with you to customize your content to the needs of your patients.

Through our longstanding relationships with hardware and networking partners, we have configured and deployed advanced integrations across more than 50,000 hospital beds nationwide. We understand the complexities of enterprise-wide integrations in a 24/7 work environment. We work with your team to define the workflows and oversee the implementation from concept through go-live and beyond.

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