Allen Technologies Brings Interactive Patient Engagement to LG Hospital Smart TVs New Solution Dramatically Reduces Interactive Patient Systems’ Costs

Austin, TX - August 6, 2015
Allen Technologies Brings Interactive Patient Engagement to LG Hospital Smart TVs  New Solution Dramatically Reduces Interactive Patient Systems’ Costs

Allen Technologies, the leader in interactive patient engagement solutions, announced today the expansion of its E3 Patient Engagement Solutions to hospital smart TVs, through its alliance with LG Electronics USA, the leading provider of hospital‐grade smart TVs in the country. This marks the first availability in the health care industry of interactive patient engagement tools accessible on LG hospital‐grade smart televisions.

Combining Allen’s patient engagement, patient education and operational improvement capabilities with LG’s industry‐ leading health care smart TV functionality, the E3Smart Patient Engagement Solution enables hospitals to improve their patients’ experience and clinical efficiencies without investing in additional hardware or wiring, or time‐consuming product installations.

For nearly 40 years, Allen’s interactive patient engagement portal has evolved to meet the demands of value‐based health care by turning the television into an interactive education and entertainment tool. With the addition of the E3Smart Solution, Allen is revolutionizing the role that smart TVs can play in delivering interactive patient engagement capabilities for a fraction of the cost.

By eliminating the need for a separate set‐top box or other interactive hardware, the new E3Smart Solution dramatically reduces the cost for implementing an interactive patient engagement system. It is also faster to deploy, meaning less disruption in the hospital room.

“Until now, the hardware and installation costs have put interactive patient systems beyond the reach of many hospitals. That all changes now,” said Jerry Folsom, Allen president and CEO. “Through E3Smart on LG commercial TVs, a hospital can have a world‐class interactive patient engagement system in place at a fraction of the cost and time. We have eliminated a major barrier that has prevented many hospitals from deploying this proven, outcomes‐oriented, valuable functionality in the past. This truly revolutionizes interactive patient systems by making them affordable for any hospital.”

Incorporating E3Smart into LG’s Pro:Centric® platform builds on Allen’s long‐standing collaboration with LG for deploying its interactive patient system on LG’s hospital‐grade televisions. “Over the years, the patient television experience has evolved from simply a TV set, to an important platform for delivering crucial patient education, as well as a way for patients and providers to communicate, and for hospitals to deliver concierge‐type services at the bedside,” said Folsom.

The new solution is ideal for hospital new construction and renovations, as well as for facilities updating old or energy‐ inefficient technology. “LG’s new 32‐ and 42‐inch smart TVs allow hospitals to offer their patients a high‐definition viewing experience similar to what they see at home with the added benefits of interactive patient care information,” said Tim Wright, director, Commercial Healthcare, LG Electronics USA. “And, with this new solution, in‐room hardware costs associated with an interactive patient system are cut significantly, because the only equipment needed is the TV and associated pillow speaker.”

Allen’s E3Smart interactive patient engagement solution enables nurses to assign health education videos to patients based on their diagnosis, and automatically document in the patient’s electronic health record once the education is viewed. Through the Allen portal, patients have 24/7 access to their health information including lab results, medications, vital signs, and care team contact information. In addition, the E3 system lets hospitals select from an array of concierge services intended to enhance the patient’s experience, such as click‐access to religious, relaxation and noise‐reduction services; online meal ordering; room comfort adjustments and maintenance requests; a digital white board; Internet, videos, music and games; and special requests including pet therapy visits, gift shop deliveries, and valet parking payments.

The Allen E3 solution is proving to be a powerful tool in helping hospitals improve HCAHPS scores, reduce readmissions, improve employee satisfaction and productivity and increase CMS Star ratings. In addition, integrations with enterprise systems like HVAC, food service, and EMRs are delivering substantial cost savings. The Allen HVAC integration alone can save a hospital six figures in just one year in energy costs. Allen clients are showing top‐level HCAHPS score improvements of more than 12 percent since deploying the E3 solution.

In today’s pay‐for‐performance health care industry, hospital reimbursements are tied increasingly to how the hospital performs on patient satisfaction, patient engagement and quality indicators. Stage 2, and soon Stage 3, meaningful use requirements include measures for patients to be educated on their health care and to interact with their electronic health record information while in the hospital. Pre‐discharge patient education is critical to improving patient health literacy and reducing readmission rates. In addition, how patients score hospitals on their hospital experience translates directly to the hospital’s revenue. Allen’s E3 interactive solution helps hospitals engage patients in their own health care and health education; improve patient satisfaction with the hospital experience, thus raising hospital HCAHPS scores; and streamline clinical and operational workflows and automate routine tasks.

“Many hospitals that have been locked out of these solutions due to costs can now join the patient engagement revolution,” said Folsom. “This truly marks the start of a new era in interactive patient systems, bringing them into the mainstream for all hospitals regardless of size or budget. The return on investment through the Allen solution on LG smart TVs will be seen even faster now due to less hardware, faster deployment, low maintenance and high reliability.”

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