Allen Technologies Deploys Quiet Sounds Module to Support Patient Healing

Austin, TX - April 29, 2015
Allen Technologies Deploys Quiet Sounds Module to Support Patient Healing

For patients across the country, hospital noise particularly at night can be more than an annoyance. It can disturb sleep, cause blood pressure to rise and negatively impact the healing process. With the help of Allen Technologies’ leading-edge Quiet Sounds module released this month, as part of Allen’s Interactive Patient System, hospitals can improve patient care and enhance the patient experience.

The latest module in Allen’s suite of interactive patient engagement solutions features three soothing sound tracks from which patients can choose to help them decrease environmental noise and achieve restful sleep. Patients can select run times of 30, 60, 90 or 120 minutes. Once selected, the in-room TV screen automatically fades to black, further enhancing a restful room environment. The soothing sounds are delivered via the bed’s pillow speakers so that patients in semi-private rooms can each listen without bothering another patient.

“Hospitals are busy around the clock, with patients being admitted, transferred and cared for at all hours. That makes it challenging to maintain a quiet environment,” said Jerry Folsom, Allen Technologies president and CEO. “Noise can come from squeaky medication carts in corridors, doors opening and closing, clinicians talking, equipment beeps, bed alarms, and even disruptive patients.”

Studies show the importance of noise reduction not only in patient healing and patient satisfaction, but also in providing patient care. According to an article in Critical Care Nursing Quarterly, ambient noise levels in critical care units have been shown to interfere with patients’ healing process by negatively affecting their immune system and potentially extending hospitalization. Additionally, a study in the Journal of Critical Care reported that nurses who work in environments with noise levels greater than 40 dB are more prone to making medical errors due to their inability to concentrate on patient care.

“We know that questions related to noise consistently get among the lowest marks on patient satisfaction surveys, and hospitals are looking for innovative ways to deliver a quieter, more restful patient experience,” said Folsom. “This new addition to Allen’s expanding line of patient engagement solutions helps hospitals provide a more tranquil environment to induce relaxation, improve sleep quality and support the recovery process.”

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