Midland Memorial Hospital Launches Allen Technologies’ Next-Generation Patient Education Integration

Austin, TX - November 19, 2014
Midland Memorial Hospital Launches Allen Technologies’ Next-Generation Patient Education Integration

Midland Memorial Hospital is announcing the launch of its latest evolution in leading-edge interactive patient education and engagement with the implementation of Allen Technologies’ next-generation electronic health record integration capabilities.

The launch extends the value of Allen Technologies Interactive Patient System’s (IPS) integration with the hospital’s electronic health record (EHR) platform by enabling nursing staff to assign patient education videos directly from the patient’s EHR. The integration increases nursing workflow efficiency, freeing more time for nursing care at the bedside and leading to improved outcomes and greater patient satisfaction.

“Two years ago, we first began working with Allen and installed the Allen Interactive Patient System in our patient rooms. We immediately saw the potential benefit in patient engagement, improved health literacy and clinical process improvement of integrating Allen’s IPS into our electronic health record system,” said Cindy Chavez, RNC, NNP-BC, educator of staff development, Women’s & Children’s Services with Midland Memorial Hospital.

Using Allen’s IPS integration with MedSphere’s OpenVista® CareVue EHR, Midland Memorial Hospital’s nurses can select and assign patient educational videos directly from within the patient’s electronic record, making the process faster and more convenient for the nursing staff.

“With this new tool, our nurses can assign educational videos specific to each patient’s needs in the same system the nurses use throughout their shift. Once the patient watches the videos, that action is documented directly back to the patient record and our nurses are able to reinforce the information face to face at the bedside,” she said.

The new capability is just one piece of Allen Technologies’ suite of IPS clinical tools, including:

  • Auto-assignment of important safety and infection control information to patients
  • Customized educational video library
  • Educational pop-up reminders to patients
  • Personalized education inboxes for patients
  • Drill-down educational usage reporting
  • Patient access to health-related educational information
  • Clinical education advisory services
  • Real-time patient feedback and requests

Allen’s IPS patient education integration with OpenVista CareVue EHR reflects Midland Memorial’s commitment to continuous quality improvement and patient satisfaction. “We know that education can lead to a better patient experience, and ultimately better patient outcomes,” said, Midland Memorial Hospital Assistant Director of Nursing, Cori Armstead. “Making education as convenient and accessible as possible translates to quality improvements. By capturing patient education activities on the EHR, we can seamlessly monitor compliance and readily identify patients who may need encouragement or follow up.”

About Midland Memorial Hospital

With a history dating back to 1950, Midland Memorial Hospital, located in Midland, Texas, is well known locally and regionally for providing a full range of acute-care services. This 468-licensed bed facility is a specialty provider of emergency medicine, cardiac care, vascular interventions and advanced radiological and oncology services. To learn more, visit www.midland-memorial.com.

About Allen Technologies

Allen Technologies, the pioneer of interactive patient engagement solutions for nearly 40 years, transforms the way hospitals engage, educate and empower patients. Allen helps hospitals impact patient outcomes, improve patient satisfaction and achieve operational efficiencies. Allen’s multiplatform interactive patient engagement system, delivered via television, tablet and bedside monitor, is a robust patient-centric portal for customized patient education, in- room comfort control, and entertainment. Allen’s E3 Patient Engagement Solutions integrate seamlessly with electronic medical records and system platforms including HVAC, housekeeping and food service systems. Learn more at www.engagewithallen.com, at facebook.com/allentechnologiess or on Twitter at @allen_E3.