Wireless Nurse Call Solution — Available 4-2020

Austin, Texas - April 8, 2020
Wireless Nurse Call Solution — Available 4-2020

Allen Releases Rapid Deployment Wireless Nurse Call Solution
For Popup, Mobile Hospital Facilities


Allen Technologies-a Sentrics Company released this week a rapid deployment wireless nurse call solution specifically for hospitals setting up popup, mobile and temporary facilities for COVID-19 and non-COVID patients.

The solution can be deployed in less than two hours, and is scalable to an unlimited number of beds and nurses. Using proprietary wireless access points powered by Zigbee, the solution has no impact on the hospital’s own WiFi network. Patient nurse call pendants connect to a desk console and to mobile apps on the nurse’s personal phone. The solution is packaged in a compact case the size of carry-on luggage for easy transport to the popup site, or can be provided on a mobile cart for easy movement through facilities.

The simple, in-a-box solution simply requires plugging into power and the internet, and adding the included access points based on the size of the COVID or non-COVID unit. All programming is handled remotely, enabling onsite staff to stay focused on patient care. To clean the pendants, simply wash in a commercial dishwasher or use standard nurse call cleaning protocols. The kit includes pendants, pagers, 15-hour battery backup, access points and desktop server.

“Hospitals are facing unprecedented demands on their facilities, staffs and infrastructure. As they rapidly move to establish popup and overflow facilities, existing nurse call capabilities will be inadequate to handle the patient and nurse load on those systems,” said Allen President Mark Lancaster. “We are thrilled to be able to provide immediate support to our nation’s hospitals with a proven, fast, easy, safe and reliable nurse call solution to specifically fill these critical needs.”  

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