E3 Patient Engagement Solutions

Few of us are exempt from having experienced the feeling of being in the unfamiliar surroundings of a hospital, with disruptions, noises, the stress of processing complex information from multiple people – all while having little control over our environment.

Allen Technologies has devoted four decades to innovating patient engagement solutions that change the hospital experience for patients, their families and their caregivers. We believe that changing the patient experience doesn’t have to be hard.

Allen’s E3 Patient Engagement Solutions make it easy for hospitals to transform the traditional patient room into an engaging, interactive smart environment. One where patients have more control over their stay, and nurses can more efficiently educate and engage patients in their healthcare. Allen E3 enhances the patient care experience, increases patient satisfaction, and optimizes operational efficiency for hospitals looking to improve HCAHPS scores.

Improve Patient Education & Heath Literacy

  • Higher HCAHPS care transition and discharge readiness scores
  • Lower readmissions
  • Education through EMR integration
  • Increased nurse efficiency

Allen E3 transforms the patient room into an interactive learning environment. It puts customized interactive patient education directly in the hands of the patient, integrated with the hospital’s electronic medical record system. Without logging into disparate systems, the nurse can auto-assign videos and resources to the patient via DRG or ICD-10 codes, as well as assign videos based on the patient’s diagnosis and care plan through the EMR; this improves not only patient engagement but nurse efficiency as well.

Through Allen’s interactive patient care system, patients can even email their assigned materials to family or caregivers to improve their understanding of post-discharge care.
Patients view the videos on their in-room hospital television, bedside monitor or tablet, turning these standard equipment devices into truly interactive and engaging health information tools. Allen’s E3 Patient Engagement Solutions suite helps hospitals achieve higher levels of patient literacy, with less time required by nursing staff improving overall nursing efficiency.

Speed Recovery Through An Enhanced Patient Experience

  • Greater patient satisfaction
  • Less fall risk
  • A more restful, quiet room environment
  • Improved service

Allen’s E3 Patient Engagement Solutions create a patient-centric environment and help hospitals enhance the patient experience, with a suite of tools designed to make the hospital stay as comfortable and hotel-like as possible.

Through our E3 interactive software, patients can access and enjoy Internet, movies, television and games to stay connected with family, friends or healthcare providers in dispersed locations.

Aside from entertainment, patients can adjust their room temperatures and light settings without leaving their bed, request an endless array of concierge-type services, and provide real-time feedback using intuitive on-screen questionnaires (Daily Check-In Survey™).

Empowered patients are happier patients, and that translates to higher HCAHPS scores for hospitals. Our solutions are proven to help hospitals dramatically improve patient satisfaction, nurse efficiency and the overall patient experience.

Streamline Operations & Improve Nurse Efficiency

  • Reduced support and maintenance by hospital
  • Improved nursing staff efficiency
  • Increased patient satisfaction
  • More time for nurses to deliver patient care
  • Increased nurse satisfaction and nurse retention
  • Significant energy cost savings

Allen Technologies knows hospitals are seeking innovative approaches to deliver the highest quality healthcare experience in the most efficient way possible. Our E3 Hospital Efficiency Modules include smart-room capabilities that integrate into existing HVAC, dietary, nurse call, housekeeping and EMR systems.

Allen’s E3 Patient Engagement Solutions streamline hospital operational processes by automating routine tasks that previously required intervention by nurses or other staff members. Hospitals using Allen’s solution save valuable staff time, enabling more attention to patient care rather than routine room requests.

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