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Our Patient Engagement Systems are PROVEN to Increase HCAHPS Scores.

Total System Solutions
Custom-Tailored to your Unique Needs
  • Fully Customizable — Nearly Unlimited Options
  • Consultation & Support Every Step of the Way
  • Streamlined Deployment — Fast & Low Impact

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Patient Engagement Systems

At the heart of every system we configure lies Allen’s custom-made interactive software, E3 Patient Engagement Solutions, which utilizes an abundance of features that can help your patients engage in their own healthcare.

We Build Systems Just for You

The systems we deploy in your hospital depend entirely on your unique, operational needs. At the start of your project, we will assign you your project implementation manager, who will serve as your point of contact and with whom you will work hand in hand throughout the project.

At the same time, you will consult with Allen’s Solutions experts to evaluate your hospital’s infrastructure and define your objectives; they will work with you, your staff and your project manager to implement the exact systems you need.
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Our Systems

The patient engagement systems we deploy are designed to work in conjunction with one of these hardware devices:

In-Room Televisions

Working with Allen, you can transform your hospital TVs into state-of-the-art communication and patient education portals. Allen partners with leading hospital-grade television providers to deliver an array of patient education, entertainment, room comfort, concierge services and communication – directly from the patient’s television.


Allen’s E3Smart Solution turns your LG or Samsung smart TV into an outcomes-focused interactive patient engagement center. By cutting out the need for additional equipment and lengthy installations, Allen’s E3 Smart Solution dramatically reduces the cost of deploying an interactive patient system, putting it within the reach of virtually any hospital –regardless of size or budget

IPTV Plus™ Option

Allen’s IPTV Plus™ is the next-generation platform that provides additional interactive features to the hospital’s standard Internet-protocol televisions. Allen’s IPTV Plus™ is a preferred option for many hospitals seeking quick deployment of interactive patient features.

Bedside Touchscreen

Hospitals can bring patient-centric interactive services directly to the bedside by delivering the E3 Patient Engagement Solutions over the bedside swing-arm units.

Why choose touchscreen?

  • Familiar touch-interface for patients
  • Large screen ideal for vision-impaired patients
  • No keyboard or mouse necessary
  • Educational videos within arms’ reach for patients
  • Puts hospitality requests, surveys and staff access at the bedside


Allen’s industry-leading tablet integration gives patients a single point of access to health information, entertainment, concierge services, education and more with direct integration into the electronic health record. E3Tablets are a great option for allowing patients the flexibility to access features and information from any location they wish, since they can carry a tablet with them.

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Allen's E3 Systems Hardware:

  • In-Room Televisions
  • Bedside Touchscreens
  • Tablets

Our systems are PROVEN to provide patient engagement solutions!

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